Face Restructuring


Who doesn’t dream about:

  • face lift
  • contoured cheeks & jaw line
  • no sun spots, discoloration or age spots
  • fat deposits reduction
  • no skin laxity
  • firm, compact & elastic skin
  • lymph drainage
  • collagen-rich dermis

Non-invasive, non-surgical, does not require anaesthesia. Painless treatment.

With the time passing and skin being exposure to certain elements (MAINLY THE SUN), it loses its elasticity, thins out and sometimes, in addition to wrinkle formation, spots and discoloration are changing its complexion. These alterations lead to PHOTOAGING. Fibra DFA offers excellent results for photo-rejuvenation treatments by significantly stimulating collagen production.

Effective, safe and non-invasive technology tested in seven independent studies conducted in the United States using the most reliable scientific methods MRI CT ultrasound and Histology.

DFA, Optical fibre it’s the most innovative and cutting-edge technology featuring coupled micro-lenses allows the light produced by the multiple diode to be concentrated in one pulse and transferred to the hair through an optical fibre, creating mind blowing results

As the LLLT (liposuction) laser irradiates adipose tissue, it helps form transient micropores in adipocytes, and accelerate the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids, which can escape from the cell, which, in turn, will have a reduced volume. The released lipids are eliminated through normal metabolic processes. LLLT effectively reduces circumference by targeted application, to the treated areas, and has also been demonstrated to be effective in reducing oedemas.

Generating a bipolar, quadripolar and hexapolar radiofrequency signal.
Heat is generated by the contact of RF energy (radiofrequency) with the tissue impedance. When heated in the proper way, collagen-rich dermis is immediately denatured and fibrils contract and thicken. New collagen is produced in response to initial heat, and skin appears firmer, more compact and younger.

DFA Fibra offers excellent results for photo-rejuvenation treatments by significantly stimulating collagen production. The Fibra DFA photo-rejuvenation treatment visibly RESTORES TONE AND FRESHENS THE SKIN.

Using THIS combination of the most effective technologies that can be found in the beauty industry, we are launching 2 types of face TREATMENTS.

Getting treatments done on a regular basis can lead to the disappearance of age spots, deep wrinkles and fine lines. You could remove 10-15 years from your face after just few treatments.

This treatments come on their own, or you may combine them with a full facial treatment (50% OFF)

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